Domestic cleaning

Cleaning arrangements can be flexible as you like from a one time  only agreement, , monthly, weekly or daily. 


   Description :


  •     Dusting  all  furniture   and  the ornaments
  •    Change and make beds
  •    Windows cleaned from  inside
  •    Vacuum and moping all the  rooms
  •    Clean bathroom  & toilets
  •    Wipe (leather sofas) and vacuum  sofas
  •    All the kitchen surfaces  cleaned
  •    Cooker cleaned
  •    Microwave inside clean
  •    Kitchen cupboards outside  cleaned
  •    Empty bins           



Extra jobs...   

The client is not required to maintain regular extra services contract unless required and you have an agreement regular.  Customer does not have to book a week in advance for the extra jobs



 The service includes (but not limited to) the following  duties:


  •  Shopping
  •  Ironing
  •  Washing & drying dishes
  •  Washing & Drying Clothes
  •  Feeding pets
  •  Watering

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